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Friday, December 16, 2005

Wicked Weather - 100 mph wind 12/09/05 Cape Cod

December 15, 2005
Storm winds reported at 100 mph


CONTRIBUTING WRITER BOURNE - As damage reports and wind speed measurements continue to trickle in from last Friday's storm, it is clear that the northeaster was even more intense than first reported.

The National Weather Service has posted wind speeds from the storm of 100 mph or more in Wellfleet and Orleans. Water spouts were reported by police off Chatham and many beach parking lots lost sand and pavement.

The storm surge associated with Friday's blast washed debris onto beaches and roads, adding to the clutter of fallen trees and limbs. Most towns report the downing of large trees as the most significant damage.

Gratis, a lifelong Cape Cod resident, said he's seen his share of nasty weather but was shocked by the intensity of Friday's northeaster.

''It was almost more like a tornado in that it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, caused lots of damage and then it was gone,'' he said. ''One minute I was sitting in my office looking out the window at the sun and the birds, then 5 minutes later it turns black outside, the temperature drops 10 degrees and the wind sounded like a freight train going past town hall.''

Had weather forecasters and meteorologists given more warning of the storm's intensity, Gratis said he might have been able to minimize the damage.


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