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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Edwards mocks Cheney for eBay comment

So Edwards thinks eBay is small change! Article I'm not an economist, nor some kind of financial analyst, but I don't think anyone has to be once you look at the numbers. eBay Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2004 Financial Results Company Reports Record Q2 Net Revenues of $773.4 Million, Up 52% Year Over Year -- A little DD for Edwards PLEASE!!!!! Ebay does business all over the world, so Let's take a look at just: eBay U.S. Net Transaction Revenues - eBay U.S. net transaction revenues totaled $319.1 million in Q2-04, reflecting 32% year-over-year growth. Now let's see how eBay made that money. eBay fees Wow, what do they get? 5% of the sale? So, maybe 6 Billion Dollars traded hands in the US in Q2 - 04 on eBay. But wait......that's just Q2-04. Let's just multiply 6 Billion by 4 and what do you get? 24 Billion dollars!!! I'd like to make that at a bake sale or lemonade stand. Some people think of eBay as just a giant garage sale, maybe, but instead of just selling to neighbors, the world has just stopped by. I'd say it's Edwards that's out of touch. Funny, isn't that the party of the inventor of the internet?

Friday, September 17, 2004 - Election 2004 Coverage: Judge dismisses charges against man who protested during Bush visit to Nashville

Check out the last line of the article. Guess who the attorney for the protester is? 7th Congressional District Democratic Convention Delegate Mary Parker. It's always interesting to have a few more details.