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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Weather experts?

Millions of people changed their plans based on the "experts" weather forecast for Hurricane Charley. My family postponed a 3 tent catered pool party for Sunday on Long Island. My husband, kids and I left Cape Cod on Thursday for an overnight stay @ Foxwoods Casinos (first time, and it was fabulous) before our reserved ferry ride across the Long Island Sound Friday evening. However, Friday morning I received the call that the party was postponed. We headed back to The Cape to batten down the hatches. My husband will go back to work on Monday and take off another Monday in the future. So here we are on Sunday morning after 30 minutes of Charley's rain and wind, kicking ourselves for canceling our much anticipated family gathering. The shame of it all is, as inconvenient and disappointing as our situation is, many others lost much more. It seems to me that the title of "expert" should be reserved for those that actually do get things right when others do not. Sometimes I get the feeling "expert" is just someone with an opinion, in which case, I qualify!

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